Legal Marketers Bootcamp: ChatGPT-Driven BD Framework Training

Master a proven approach for developing lawyer business development strategies, leveraging ChatGPT at each step in this focused 4-week program

Program Overview

Join us for a unique 4-week intensive program, where you'll learn to apply a three-part framework for lawyer business development, enhanced with the power of ChatGPT. This program is tailored for legal marketers aiming to work with lawyers through all stages of business development, from identifying a focus for marketing purposes to pitching new work.

Program Dates: Thursdays January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 2024
Time: 8:30am-10am Pacific
Fee: $1395 (Early bird: $1195 until December 31)

What You Will Learn: Our 3 Step Approach to Legal Marketing and How to Leverage ChatGPT

  • Step 1: Identifying a Marketing Focus: You'll learn our unique approach to help attorneys identify ideal work and clients and how to determine their target audience. Discover how ChatGPT can assist in this part of the process through things like refining marketing language and tailoring bios and representative matters to appeal specifically to this audience.

  • Step 2: Building Credibility and Visibility: Understand our strategy for assisting attorneys in finding and selecting the most effective platforms for visibility. We'll show you how ChatGPT can aid in identifying opportunities, developing strategic messaging and in thought leadership like crafting outlines for articles and presentations to enhance credibility.

  • Step 3: Developing and Maintaining Strategic Relationships: We will guide you through our proven methods for helping attorneys build and sustain key relationships. Learn how to use ChatGPT to draft compelling communications and to gain insights into best practices for networking and relationship building, including tactics like thoughtful gifting and introductions.

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Unique Program Features:

  • Real-Life Scenarios: Move from A to Z on guiding an attorney in creating a business development strategy.

  • Hands-On Workshops: One-on-one opportunities for individual project workshopping and problem solving.

  • Limited Attendance: Ensures a hands-on, interactive experience in a small group setting.

Why Choose This Bootcamp?

  • Expert Guidance: As seasoned experts in lawyer business development coaching and early adopters of ChatGPT, we possess extensive experience in how the legal profession can utilize generative AI. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that you're learning focused application of this evolving technology.

    Staying Ahead of the Curve: In a rapidly changing legal landscape, understanding and leveraging new technologies is crucial. This bootcamp equips you to stay ahead, ensuring you remain an invaluable asset in this dynamic environment. Embrace change and become a leader in incorporating cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT into your work.

    Practical and Proven Framework: With over 25 years of experience across all sizes of law firms and practice areas, our approach is deeply rooted in real-world application, far beyond theoretical knowledge.

    Interactive and Personalized: Our bootcamp offers a dynamic learning environment that skillfully blends individual attention with the benefits of group collaboration. Engage, learn, and grow with peers and experts in a setting that values personal interaction and collective wisdom.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

This bootcamp is not just about learning how to use technology; it's about elevating your role as an invaluable advisor, guiding lawyers on a path to growth, meaning, and success.

Our program empowers you with the knowledge and tools not only to leverage ChatGPT effectively but also to foster a deeper impact in your colleagues' professional journeys.

By aiding their development and achievements, you'll discover a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in your own work, elevating your role to one that truly shapes the future of legal practice.

Meet Our Facilitator

Lana Manganiello Follow me on LinkedIn

Managing Director
Equinox Strategy Partners

Invest in Your Growth:

Fee: $1395 per participant (Early bird discounted rate: $1195 until December 31, 2023)


Includes: Four 90-minute training sessions, personalized coaching, access to tools and resources.


Proven Results: Participants will gain hands-on experience and insights that can be immediately applied to enhance their lawyers' business development efforts, contributing to measurable growth and success.

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Legal Marketers Bootcamp: ChatGPT-Driven BD Training


Thursdays 8:30am - 10am January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 2024


  • Four 90-minute training sessions
  • Personalized coaching
  • Program materials and resources

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